I have made a Conclusion

I have finally come to the realization/conclusion of why I personally believe I loved Halo 2 & 3 more than the later releases. It was the way the ranking was set up! For Halo, I loved the I have to win to go up, and lose to go down. Then we had a social playlist for fun. (I heard they added something like this in H4, but I had sold my Xbox by that time). Sure I love the gameplay of H2 and H3 much more than Reach and 4, but it might be because of personal nostalgia from the urging feeling of teamwork based on the ranking system alone. With the kill for exp system, everyone plays slayer and objective like an FFA. There is no motive or strive to win because no matter what, you’re rewarded. I’m curious to see how they have the ranking system in H5. Maybe the kill for exp wouldn’t be bad as a base leveling type, but have ranked playlists with a win/lose type stuff. Maybe an ELO system, Division System, or back to the True Skill system, but you can still get exp towards your overall level from exp per kill etc. I don’t know where I’m going with this anymore, but I’d love for a more team oriented ranking system. I’d love to hear other opinions.