I have listed all the problems with halo 5

I think halo 5 is very fun multiplayer but still has problems which is mind-blowing because 343 had 2 years to make this game.

  • Quitters every game (ban-hammer needs to be more severe so these people don’t ever get on H5) (i mean literally every game there is quitter in ranked) - AFKers every game ( ^ ) - Not able to see players information before game - No medals chart after game - radar is broken (it is, doesn’t detect sideways or back a lot of times) - Lack of maps - Lack of gametypes - Vehicles have no control - Some maps are a complete copy of another (some poorly designed) - Too many power weapons on every map - Unfair balancing of teams - Rank system is inaccurate - Map rotation is brokenIf 343 takes a look at some of these problems, then this game is great, definitely top FPS in a long time.

Fun Fact: They had over 3 years.

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> Fun Fact: They had over 3 years.

3 years! That’s like 1 more than 2!!! I hate how 90% of game someone quits.

couldnt agree more on the whole not being able to see eachothers information/rank etc before the game. thats so annoying to me.

I agree with most of them. Everything except vehicles have no control and too many power weapons on the map. Vehicles are really easy to control when you learn to use them. Power weapons are awesome!

Mostly agree with you, but I doubt anything will change just from previous MCC experience and subsequently a total lack of faith in 343i

I agree with everything. lack of game modes baffles me.