i have left waypoint but plz read this

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I dont want anyone saying i lied when i said i left waypoint cuz i have but… this is important plz rd and avoid this mfer for ur own good til release

Ok i checked on my xbl account a few mins ago some guy tried to spoil the u know what part and i deleted the msg

This -Yoinks!- gamertag is 15 h`s. [CLASSIFIED] hes the fing -Yoink- who has sent a big spoiler to ppl on xbl targeting ppl on waypoint trying to ruin the game for everyone i sent him a msg telling him off and i warned my friends about the spoilers ppl are leaking and i told him id report his gamertag on waypoint so be greatful i took the time to find out what his gamertag is he didnt play halo 4 but he tried spoil it for me but now hes fcked lol no more spoilers now tht i told everyone his gamertag pce

I have left waypoint i only posted cuz i wanted this -Yoinks!- gamertag to be shown on waypoint so no one will rd a spoiler til halo 4 is out dont thank me the guy asked for it. If ur reading this ya spoiler leaking fool, u deserve what i told u a kick in the -Yoink-

  1. I think that people are smart enough to watch out for spoilers themselves.

  2. If you need a thread to announce your departure your either not ready to go yet or just looking for attention.

Useless thread.

Thanks op.


Report him by sending a link to his GT to community@Halowaypoint.com