I have FOTUS for trade

I bought the Halo 4 360 which is amazing and used that code.

However I work at Gamestop and an employee said someone traded in a 360 console version with the code intact and gave it to me, thus why I have an extra.

Now I have messaged and posted on the trading thread, and have had no response except for one.

I am looking for both deadeye and locus.

For proof the code is real and active, Ill message you with my number or email, and send you a picture of the download screen with the current time and your gt written on a piece of paper.

I will not go first, simply because I have more to lose. You can only get it through the console and they sell on ebay for crazy prices. I just want the locus and deadeye armor codes.

My GT is the best way to reach me - Crooks 2Eleven

If I cannot find someone who has both, I will post otherwise on which I perfer if anyone is still willing to trade at that point.

I don’t suppose you’ll take dewXP/ms points/xbl time?

> I don’t suppose you’ll take dewXP/ms points/xbl time?

Sorry, no desire for any of those.

Thank you for the offer though.