I have bought the Premium Pass. What is my incentive to play the objective or win rather than just do Challenges?

Every game I boot into, I check what my Challenges currently are, and then I simply go about the game trying to achieve those challenges irrespective of whatever the objective or goal of that game is. If I achieve the known Challenges I can within that game, then I’ll get on the ball and contribute to the team. However, until that point, it is far better for me to ignore the game and simply try to do my challenges because that is what will get my money’s worth out of the Premium Pass I purchased. Unless a Challenge happens to coincide with the game, like “Win 1 game of Quickplay”, I gain more out of playing the Challenge objective than the Game objective.

I know that I am not the only one doing this because I see others running around doing challenges and ignoring the game as well. I certainly can’t blame them, it’s the logical thing to do in the system that 343i has created. You are not rewarded for getting kills, capturing objectives, winning. You’re only rewarded for doing extra Challenges that may or may not have anything to do with the game you’re playing.

For as long as 343i is not rewarding players for in-game actions with XP, it will continue to be best for Pass purchasers to ignore the game objective for the Challenges. You can’t blame them, this is what 343 has made optimal for their purchase to be worthwhile.


I think one issue is the types of challenges. If it wanted you to get kills with a certain class of weapon you have more flexibility. If you need kills with one specific gun you will camp that weapon spawn

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There is absolutely zero incentive to try and play the objective. Hell, as far as I can tell there’s no incentive to actually stay in a quick play match if you get dropped into the wrong game mode for your challenges.


Yeah, I’m with you. If I hadn’t of purchase the pass I probably wouldn’t care as much, but challenges are literally the only way to get anything out of that purchase.


Because of how challenges are done, if I have only challenges pertaining to CTF and I consistently get every other gamemode except CTF, and I have no other challenges that I can really complete in the meantime, other than just having fun there isn’t really much incentive to play the objective or stay in the match. So many people straight up leave because the mode isn’t what they wanted, which leads to severely one sided matches, and then new teammates join and leave because it’s 2-0 CTF or 150-10 Strongholds.

Sure there’s ways to switch challenges out but it’s only obtainable with swaps or money through credits. I get it, the MP is free to play, so of course there’s going to be gimmicks like this, but could we at least have the option to pick the type of mode we want to play? Slayer/Objective only playlists? First night I played and got nothing but CTF 5 games in a row in BTB, rarely have I seen Slayer. Voting before matches? So much that could be included out of the gate, but instead it seems to be based on total luck if you get the mode you need in order to do your challenges.


Playing the game’s objectives has a massive conflict of interest with completing your own challenges.

There’s two halves of any given match now:

  • The part where winning and playing the objective is essential to BP progress

  • The part where the only thing that matters is finding a certain vehicle or weapon and killing someone with it, or killing someone using it, in complete disregard to the result of the game

We can’t play two games at once. The older systems coupled gameplay with reward, and now they’ve been separated. That’s why this whole “challenge-based XP system” doesn’t work.