I have been thinking... Beta Multiplayer!

So, think about it. halo 3 and halo reach both had an open beta. I am assuming that halo 4 will also have a beta. But how do you think we will be able to get it? Halo Anniversary maybe? And when can we expect it? I read in a post by BS Angel that halo 4 would be released “Fall 2012” Which also throws me off because in the teaser trailer it said “Holliday”. So when do you think we can expect the beta?

UPDATE: Halo 3 beta was released 123 days prior to the launch of halo 3. And halo rech beta was released 134 days prior to the launch of halo reach.

I believe that’ll come out at least before Halo 4 launches. At least that’s how I think most public beta build testing goes…

It already been confirmed that HCEA will not contain the BETA.

Actually, if anything is prevalent around these parts, you shouldn’t expect ANYTHING.

Everything is subject to change in almost any way/shape/form.

Getting hopes up just increases the possible let-down.