I have a weird request... (Forge)

In short, I want to become a beast/god at forging COMPETITVE Halo maps. I’m not exactly good at competitive gameplay, and to be honest, I don’t have a good idea of how great map flow works. What I’m asking is for someone to forge with. I need someone who knows how to forge a great slayer map to pretty much be my sensei. I’ve hunted all over the net for some good guides on forging, and youtube is just full of a lot of tutorials that teach you the basics of the Forge mode itself…nothing I’m looking for.

The only thing at all I’ve found is this: Forging Halo

It’s a great guide, but I need someone to help me in action. From start to finish.

Any takers?

(If you’re interested, add Mr Bouncerverse and a message saying “forge” or something)

its not a weird request :smiley:

im not really any good at forge but i will try to help, what you should do is go to games that are known for good map design: halo, counterstrike and so on and try implementing things you see in maps from games like those into your own.

Cool, pop me a friend request. I’ll take all the help I can get.