I Have a Solution For the Cosmetics Issue

The solution is deceptively simple really. Don’t spend money on anything. Don’t buy the daily shop items, don’t buy the weekly shop items, don’t buy the team cosmetic packs, don’t even buy the battle pass. Just play the game and work on getting better at the gameplay mechanics.

This seems like a problem to a lot of people, as cosmetics are an addictive principle in games. I’ve spent my fair share on games like CoD and Magic the Gathering Arena just for a cosmetic pack I really really liked. But in this situation if you keep buying things and complaining afterwards, it solves nothing. They got paid, they know you’ll spend that money, and they know they can keep making $20 armor packs that include simple cosmetics that you can barely even see in game.

Please understand I understand why you want cosmetics to be easily accessible, because I love them too. But this is a self control issue as much as anything.

Forget NNN, this is No Paypig November now

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Everyone is mad cuz 343 said there would be thousands of customization options not thousands of dollars worth of them. But yea ive been playing and haven’t spent a dime yet and won’t for a long while.

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That’s my point. If people just don’t cave and buy the stuff they said wouldn’t be behind paywalls then they’ll have to change their format

I’m just afraid they are gonna focus more on the store purchases than rebalancing the weapons and other game mechanics.

Oh they absolutely will, that’s where the money is coming from. But every halo takes a while to rebalance weapons so it’s nothing new. H4 was almost unplayable for the first few months because of the DMR/Boltshot meta. Using any other guns In your loadouts was handicapping you’re whole team

Too late for me, I bought the battle pass as soon as I started playing. I think that’s pretty good value though.

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Yeah I’m a dumb and got that before even looking at it. I won’t be buying anything else though until they change the system

Same. Obviously I jumped in the battle pass when I booted up the game. Then realised how slow and mundane the progression would be.

So I though “heck, those HCS packs look pretty good, maybe I’ll pick one up to give me some cool items to rock while I work on the BP”.
And my disappointment was two fold; not only could I use the coating on the Vb, but when going into the VII, I realised I was locked into that ‘kit’ without any option to mix it up.

Shame on me right, for not paying enough attention and doing my due diligence. And I bet there are a lot of players in a similar situation.

343 kind of wrote themselves into a corner with this system. They could either;

A) Fully explain how it worked pre-launch, and likely suffer negative blowback, leading to fewer purchases by annoyed fans.

B) Keep quiet and wait for people to discover how scuffed it is at launch, with most not realising until AFTER they had opened their wallets.

One of these options was more profitable.

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