I have a small problem in Forge Mode.

Hello there! I hope everyone is alright. If it is not rude of me, I would like to report a (possible) bug or glitch.

I am attempting to create a map based on the Underhenge from the DOCTOR WHO episode, The Pandorica Opens. I decided to test the map in custom games, so I chose the the gametype Juggernaut to attempt to test said map. However, whenever I spawn on the map, The player character I play as suddenly dies. The Avatar spontaneously and immediately dies upon merely responding. I decided to attempt this again with other gametypes, but the avatar keeps dying for a reason which I do not know. There are no killzones in the area, and the map is built upon a small plot of land above the coliseum and inside the coliseum.

If it is at all possible, may someone please tell me of a possible remedy to this problem? I thank you all in advance. I hope you have a nice day!