I have a problem with my spartan in Xboxlive

Hi, I need help, it is something strange. My Spartan is SR-15 but if I connect
in Xbox LIVE, my spartan appears with the Symbol SR-1.
I’m worried. I hope someone answer this because I don’t know what I can do?

Thanks for reading.

(ahora en español)

El problema esta en que cada vez que me conecto, mi spartan pasa de SR-15 a SR-1 y no encuentro explicación les agradezco que lean esto y agradeceré su ayuda.


Don’t worry. This sometimes happens to everyone.

Make sure you are not doing any human errors such as logging into the wrong account.

Sometimes the system lags a little and shows that information incorrectly. Turning off your xbox 360 should fix it. If not, try to keep playing a little and see what happens tomorrow.

If it doesn’t get fixed after playing a bunch of games and restarting your router and xbox 360, update us and we’ll try to figure out another strategy.

So, don’t worry, it should be fine. :slight_smile: