I have a problem installing Halo 5 Forge for PC

I was really excited about halo 5 forge for PC but I can’t install it. The system requirements say I don’t have the latest version of windows or what ever this means “Windows 10 version 14393.98 or higher”. I just spent about an hour installing the update and the new halo app only to be disappointed by that. So, I decided to do what it said and check for updates, but my updates don’t go past 0%. I am completely lost and confused about what I am doing if I am doing anything wrong. All I no is that this is one of the lasts 343i last chance at impressing me or I’m done with Halo ( that is saying something I have been a fan for 6 years now).

I also am unable to install any updates past 14393.0 I cannot get any progress to happen, no downloading starts it just states that my system is currently up to date…which it is not. I have tried the update troubleshooter that seems to find new problems every time I run it and claims to fix it but alas, no new updates are found. I have turned on all the auto updates and even the option to update from other PCs on the network due to my laptop being updated to 14393.222 successfully, but nope still nothing. I was thinking about resetting my whole PC for this stupid game then read reviews of it on the Windows 10 Store and all the one star reviews stated that it was crashing on launch. I figured I would rather play the other 98 games from Steam that have installed and kept updating without error rather than rebuild my entire Windows OS from scratch for a free to play bone thrown at me from Microsoft, that would probably not even start on my machine. I also was thinking about trying the new Gears of War 4, but again I’ll be needing an update for that so I guess I’ll just have to continue to ignore the Windows 10 Store like I have been. Seriously the only thing these wretched mandatory system updates do for gaming is lock people out of them. I gave you another chance MS and you have let me down yet again. I honestly hate the time you waste in my life and really shouldn’t expect anything more of you. I’ll just continue with Steam and actually play the games I want instead of playing IT tech help forum search.

I hate you Windows. I always will.