I have a pair of questions to ask to 343...

After playing halo: reach for seven months, I can say that i have alredy seen everything. I’ve played the whole campaign in legendary and normal, my rank is general grade 2, which is OK (I know rank doesn’t mean a lot but I wasted a lot of time to reach it), I played in every playlist, and I have every non-DLC archievement.
After that all, I can say that I have completed reach. But there’s still a pair of questions that are still here. So I would like to ask them to BS angel or any other 343 admin. Here we go:

  • Does the halo: reach legendary ending exist? I mean, bungie said that it existed, that it’s something like an eagle flying to your helmet. But a lot of people were looking for it and nobody finded anything. A lot of people completed the game solo legendary, solo LASO, killed 7777 BoBs… but it seems that nobody happens. So does that exist? I dobn’t want you to tell me how to get it (I have some teories…), but at least I want to know if it exists

  • Does the misterious BoB helmet exists on halo: reach? I’m talking about that one (http://uk.xbox360.ign.com/dor/objects/14276699/halo-reach/images/halo-reach-20110224004158325.html?page=mediaFull ). I also say that you don’t need to tell me how to get it (if it’s possible to get it), I only want to know if it exists. As I said in the other question, a lot of people tried to find this basically finding all the bobs, but nobody found it.

Just a hunch but the new armor is most likely related to Halo: Anniversary

I heard that’s 343 industries helmet… you know, like how Bungie wears blue flames and a haunted pilot helmet.

brian jarrard said that there is an alternate ending to reach, and that “the player would have to work pretty hard to find it” (or something on the lines of that), but then evil otto (dave candland) confirmed that there is no legendary or alternate ending.

Anybody knows how can I conversate privately (or not) with BS angel?