I have a LASO question.

I’m doing LASO on Halo 4, I know you get various rewards - code for 50k EXP on Waypoint, emblems n’ -Yoink!-.

So just wondering, does LASO on other Halo games give you rewards too?

No, as far as I know, Halo 4 is the first game to have an actual reward for doing it.

Short answer: no.

Although in Halo 3 I The Tyrant I maintained a list of Mythic conquerers (more difficult than LASO since you cannot save and quit if you die) and Bungie awarded them all the Recon helmet when Recon was still very much sought after (they later unlocked it for everyone through the Vidmaster achievements).

I was on that list (same account although I’ve changed my gamertag) but I’d already received Recon from them for doing something else.

H2: the satisfaction that you conquered hella bs
H3: the satisfaction that you walked through freaking long levels and beat luck itself
Reach: the satisfaction that you went through hell itself
ODST: I honestly don’t know
CEA: lol