I have a huge problem with H5.

It’s that they didn’t let me play this fantastic game sooner. It is visually beautiful, the campaign story might be a little bit lacking but for me personally it barely even matters much because the new abilities and features and environments make battleing covenant and prometheans so much fun. Multiplayer is amazing, yes there are spawn issues but the game has a significantly large skill gap, making it all the more addictive. There is definitely a learning curve with this game, and I love that about it. It’s not just a game you can pick up and be instantly decent at like COD, you need to really go in depth with the control schemes and learn the different things and how ADS functions, etc.

The controller schemes are great IMO, there is an amazing amount of customization options, both in custom games and for your Spartan. The sound is great, the visuals are sharp, the REQ system is consistently compelling, and the multiplayer modes are addictive. I only played a few matches last night, and it was a fantastic experience, both in Warzone and breakout (didn’t get a chance to try out slayer, but I plan to tonight).

I have only logged a few hours into this game, and I am already in love. It’s looking like this is going to end up as my favorite Halo game of all time, and I highly recommend picking it up if you are still debating whether or not to get it.

Cheers people, see you on the battlefield!