I have a huge confession to make

I like the Needler

I will be accepting any and all rotten tomatoes and eggs thrown my way, because I’m not afraid to admit it.

In BR starts the gun is beastly, it’s basically 1-2 free kills if you’re reasonably smart about when and where to use it. I’m personally a huge fan of picking it up while I have camo, because by the time they realize they’re being shot you’ve already killed them.

The resulting explosion is satisfying.

My other favorite thing about the weapon is how efficient it is at getting reversals. The ttk is just fast enough to turn and outshoot someone that got the first BR shot on you, as long as you’re in relatively close range.

It’s very nearly a power weapon in this game and I rarely see people using it



No one hates the Needler, but when better sandbox elements exist, especially on spawn, why pick one up? If you didn’t catch the popular trends, BR start games are all about picking up a weapon that can drop combo with BR. Needler is not one of those weapons.

You start the discussion as if people will hate on you for using the Needler or something, that’s ridiculous.


To be completely honest, that drop comboing stuff needs to get patched out.

I just can’t see it benefiting the gameplay loop in the long run.


Not necessarily. Weapons that can stand on their own get plenty of use. A Needler has a ttk of 1 second optimally. Coupled with how easy it is to use, this makes it a standalone weapon in niche situations.


I don’t see it being removed, because it’s the first time in awhile since Halo had proper button combos which isn’t a resource (like abilities). It really feels similar to people doing the BXR Cancel in H2 back in the day, and MLGs love that stuff.

And you do have the risk of being caught with your pants down without the drop combo back up since you need to pick a weapon up again.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to have it removed, but I just don’t see it being removed.

Optimally, which Desync doesn’t allow atm and Drop Combo ranges far outrange the Needler’s. So that’s the few reasons why Needler isn’t popular with players, regardless of optimal TTK.

I’ve been having a lot of luck with it lately. If anything with desync it compensates enough to give you an edge in a bad situation

it would be nice if we had limited ammo so that we are forced to pick up the nearest weapon. ammo should be treated like health and right now we just have too much ammo to not care about the other “health packs”

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I find the needler in this game to actually be really good too. The upgraded one is one of the better varient weapons too IMO… Not like locking onto someone and shooting them behind cover and they can’t even target you lol.

You just need to make sure the super combine kicks off, other wise it’s hideously weak lol.


I really hate how many people say the BXR cancel should be removed from H2 on MCC because the thing is the only reason Bungie never patched out the game was because had become a part of the meta of the game it was considered balanced as there are tried and tested methods to get passed it making it just another niche you have to learn to play the game well.

Oh yeah no the needler is GOOD. You need a clean lane to use it but it is EXTREMELY good for forcing people to move or run away. Everybody fears the pink mist.

ngl nobody really dedicates time to the drop at this point, a switch isn’t MUCH slower and isn’t so sweatily faster that like, it’s NECESSARY.

Honest question, what rank do you play at?

The needler is very easy to use if you are holding a position down where you don’t meet a lot of resistance. I use it in BTB to hold down flanks that give me support cover for teammates.

Most people don’t realize that it’s basically a hard counter to the overshield. The super combine strips a full overshield, and if they’re already injured at all it can totally kill them

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The infamous Walsh kill on T2 with the needles in Halo 2. Or another orginal meme that says something like. “ he had the needler and didn’t kill me.”

An instant classic. As well as a defining gun of Halo. Shame it is not more of a power weapon.

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Same. Did you read my weapon guide on here? :eyes:

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I haven’t but I’ll try and remember to

Its the only SMG class gun in Halo Infinite. UNSC doesnt have a SMG, which to me is very sad. I love the Needler. Its fast all around. Reload is godly if not fully empty and RPM for firing is beautiful. Yes the needles move slow to counter the fast reload and rate of fire. It just bothers me that we dont have more weapons to choose from. UNSC only has 8, while the Banished has a ton. I dont understand how the older games can have TONS of guns to choose from and yet the latest game only have 8 for Team Humans. Bring back the other guns. To multiplayer and the campaign. Is it really that hard??


The sentinel beam is classified as SMG class too, it gets you that medal if you get 5 kills with it

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I wouldn’t say people hate the Needler. It’s a novel and very alien gun unique to Halo.

They don’t use it because “they” want Halo to be a one gun game. “Oh the Needler is point and click. My BR is a weapon of great and mighty skill, why am I being killed 1 v 1?” So they nerf 90 percent of the guns into irrelevance to make this happen.

Plus general bias towards human weapons which are just straight up better than Covenant and Forerunner equivalents.

Although super combine is good way of chewing through boss health on campaign. See, a Brute can’t continue to fight if you disable his hand. :eyes:

Have to agree entirely with OP on this. Needler is massively underrated.

i would enjoy it if needler could melee and jam all needles into target for a supercombine that has friendly damage