i have a few questions

Hello, first off I’d like to say I have never posted on here before because my computer won’t sign into xbox.com so I used my phone. Sorry if it ends up looking weird.

Now on topic I have browsed these forums since e3 I have many opinions but I want to ask some halo lot questions. My background of the halo universe- I have played everygame except I did not beat halo wars. I have read halo books first strike , flood, fall of reach , ghost of onyx, and I own contact harvest never got started on it.

#1 how did sgt jonhson survive halo 1?

I absolutely love FUD series and I under stand it is set in the early part of the human covy war and it was a big secret like Spartan IIs.
A few questions are

#2 if FUD is set when john is 15ish why does he wear mark 6 armor and not 5? Just so people know its halo? (He got mark 6 in the beginning of halo 2 right)

#3 halo reach was a fun game I felt better than 3 or campaign not Mp . But in reach you played as Spartan 3s which was cool. Not as good as 2s but a few showed they were spartans in the books and in reach.
Spoiler if not played reach

Back to the question at the end of reach you deliver the AI know as cortana correct? In halo 1 it was as if john and her meet already. And why was john in cyro on the poa. Why brake canon with the books to make a really confusing conrction with reach and ce? (Sorry I was wondering I don’t expect anyone too know this one)

#4 are Spartan 4s just as good as 3s? I know there voulenteers of odsts and 3s. And such.

Thank you for your time.

Ps halo 4 looks amazing I’m getting the LE edition I got the lengendary of reach. Beat every game like 20 times

My gt is LucKy Devil53 , I have a Mic and need more halo buddies. I did not pick my horribly bad name on here. :confused:

  1. Long story made short a Pelican.
  2. His MJOLNIR Mark IV looks like the Mark VI, blame Halo Legends.
  3. I assume your talking about the easter egg with the spartan in cryo, easter egg so don’t worry about it no canon was broken.
  4. Depends on the individual of course.

Q1: If you read the book “The Flood” or “First Strike” he is rescued

Q2: I think they are just trying to make it relatable to newer fans

Q3: I think they were just trying to give the Spartan 3’s a reason to be so important to Reach (in “The Fall of Reach” the actual spartans on Reach are Spartan 2’s)

Q4: I still am not sure if they are volunteers or what, but due to the increase in technology I would guess they are supposed to be in between 2’s and 3’s.

q1. Sgt Avery Johnson is immune to the flood infection. Don’t ask me how, because i do not know but if you read the 2 books First strike and the flood i think it was, refer to the post above. They will explain a bit more. The only reason why ONI hasnt cut and diced johnson up is because John hasnt told em the full story

1- Johnson escaped the containment area, went back to the PoA to grab Linda, another spartan in board, get on a pelican and got away before halo was destroyed.

2- Halo:Legends made the Mk. IV suit to look like Mk.VI for some reason.

3- At that time, there were 2 Cortanas: 1 on the PoA, and the other gathering data from the forerunner artifact with Dr. Halsey. John and Cortana knew each other before the attack on Reach when they tested the Mk.V suit.

Double posted all the way across the screen. Yea-yeaaah. So intense!

you have played the games and read these books; the fall of reach, the flood, the first strike and ghosts of onyx, yet you do not know the answers to these questions?

i cannot tell if you are genuinely stupid or are just trolling.

but i will answer anyway,

forward unto dawn, the armour looks the way it does cause its more familiar to the newer halo fans and looks more similar to the chief in halo 4.

the canon changed between the book the fall of reach and the game of reach, don’t go there people get very bitchy when it comes to relative dates, times, perspectives etc whenever a time/space bending technology is involved, just put it down to its a better game for casuals the way it is.

if you read the fall of reach, you know chief got energy shields and cortana about the same time, just before the events of the fall.

if you read ghosts of onyx you know that the spartan 3’s from H;reach were not the same, they were a hand picked NavSpecWep oni project testing armour mods for mjolnir and dealing with the insurrection when it reared its ugly head during the covenant war. the rest of the spartan 3’s baring a handful (the ones that survived the ghosts of onyx book) are dead, they were used as kama-kazi shock troops, they did not exist officially, and went on missions deemed too high risk for other ground forces, even spartan 2’s.

if you read the first strike, you know damn well how Johnson made it home in one piece.

spartan 4’s are volunteers from existing military personnel, have the latest in boi enhancements, similar to those of spartan 2’s and the latest generation of MJOLNIR armour systems. they are considerably better than spartan 3’s

Master Chief in Cryo is just an easter egg.

Sorry to some people I’m not trolling I read the books a long time ago. But thank you for the answers I don’t remember the Johnson thing. I do know that fall of reach and reach are very difderent. And thanks I didn’t know their were 2 cortanas and I know seeing john was an easter egg.

Such a deep universe hard to remember all of it. I’m starting to watch all cut scenes of.the games . What is the sequl book too ghost of onyx?

I think it is the Fall of Reach