i have a failback hoppers problem

i seem to have this issue

Sometimes I see a different set of hoppers, and my SR gets set back to 0. Why does that happen?
What you are seeing are “fallback hoppers”. When you enter this mode, you will see a UI notification. It shows up on the “Find Game” screen for War Games. In previous Halo titles, you’re dependent on the servers to get the information you needed for Matchmaing, and if they go down, you can’t play. Fallback hoppers are a new functionality for Halo 4, and they allow people to continue playing Halo 4 when there are server issues.

In order to preserve the integrity of the online experience, there are some limitations to this functionality:

Reduced XP earn rate, counted as offline XP
Players in the fallback hopper cannot play with those that are using the regular server hoppers
Player customization is disabled (no armor, loadouts, emblem)

Since the server isn’t actually available in fallback hopper mode, you’ll be missing functionality that the server provides. This includes:

Spartan Ops
File Share
Service Record
Double XP tokens

You will automatically be switched to fallback hoppers if you fail to download a necessary file. You’ll remain in fallback hoppers for up to 10 minutes after the servic

now it would be ok if fixed itself after 10 minutes like it states but a day later im still not able to access anything other than forge, war games and campaign. also Ive seen that being banned can also have the same effects but i dont remember seeing a banned message. if anyone could help that would be great. for reference im sr31 i was sr30 when it played up but its saying in the lobby im sr 1.

take a number man, they’ve been working on this since 1 yesterday and haven’t given us an update yet.

oh right okay.thanks for the info hopfully they can fix it soon :slight_smile:

this is stupid. ive been on this fallback hopper for three days now and considering im using the 14 day trial its just being wasted.im hardly even able to connect to others in the same hopper and when i do ive waited half an hour for it to connect to people. is this issue being dealt with?

3 days?

It’s your own issue, not the servers. I’ve only been in the fallback hoppers for 3 hours max, in my entire game time.

It’s not anybody’s issue other than 343’s. There are several hundred of us that have been unable to play for 3 odd days, plenty of threads/posts on the issue

this issue is being dealt with and watched by 343i employees in the following thread:


just go post your Gamertag and region in that thread with the other information asked for. and yes there are people who have been stuck in fallback hopper for 3 days now - i am on of these many people.