I have a couple of questions about forged maps.

How often are forged maps rotated in matchmaking?
Do 343i still accept submissions this late into Halo 5: Guardian’s life?

Okay, the second question has been on my mind for quite a while, actually. Everybody who has created a working map that can play Team Slayer, Capture the Flag, and a variety of other gamemodes, thinks that their map is the best thing since sliced bread, and no doubt wants it to get noticed by 343i. The thing is though, the Submissions thread located in the Community Creations forum, barely has any recent submissions (before I submitted my map, the last submission was from 2019, I believe). So, I am actually curious as to how 343i selects what maps to be put into matchmaking if they do at all now. Or are the maps we are currently playing on old ones that have just been rotated back in?

  1. maps are rarely removed from matchmaking but playlists that contain forge maps do rotate in and out of the game.
  2. one of the ways i know is that some of the maps that go into match-making are the really high quality maps that are already strongly circulating in the forge community. meaning that they have already been seen by a lot of the community and have both reached 343i eyes in some way and happen to match what ever 343 was doing at the time.