I have 7 star name plates to give away . Post your GT inside if you need one.

Post your gamertag here for a star nameplate.


A W 0 0 K I E E (the 0’s are zero’s)

Done. Enjoy!

Hobo Wrath 45


done. 4 left now.

Still gifting.

SSG Frogwart

Thank you

Done! Happy 4th of July!

Holly joly man

Done. Happy 4th!

thanks alot :slight_smile:

PMS DaxSeven09, and thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Done! Only 1 star remaining!


All done now! I hope others will take the time to gift star Nameplates too!

thanks for the star man

No prob man!

> Done! Happy 4th of July!

Sorry i didn’t get to this earlier…Thanks Duke!