I hate this tenrai event so much!

I got the STOP AN ENEMY KILLING SPREE challenge for the event and this task is literally impossible! How the hell is the enemy going to get a killing spree in the first place? Do I just let them kill me over and over again and hope that my teammates let me kill them? This event is infuriating!

You would think that they’d know by now how much we hate this system based on how much we hate the Battle Pass progression system BUT NO! It’s like they don’t understand us anymore! This has pissed me off to the point where I am going to change my review on Steam. I do not recommend this garbage to anyone cause this crap is not the Halo I know!

It’s litered with scumbag predatory monetization garbage that you’d see from the likes of failed companies like Activision or EA or even Nexon. They are really putting their loyal playerbase’s good faith and goodwill off the edge right now with this garbage. I am afraid of how lackluster the campaign might be as a result of all this cause this Battle Pass, this event, the monetization, all of it is a scumbaggish scam.

Halo has garnered extremely high standards and high expectations over the decades and this garbage Battle Pass system is the worst I have ever seen in the history of gaming AND THE ARMOR ISN’T EVEN GOOD LOOKING! You are having us bust our -Yoink!- for this garbage? This -Yoink!- is disrespectful and I am on my last straw.


Since when was Halo run by a mobile game company? There’s like literally no difference between 343 and a crappy greedy little mobile game company with predatory monetization tactics. The only issue is that this is HALO and your playerbase has STANDARDS and EXPECTATIONS that come with their LOYALTY. Your crappy monetization garbage isn’t gonna work cause it’s already been tried before by hundreds of garbage games companies and you are just tainting your reputation with this crap and you are losing player trust by going back on your word and for false advertising. You guys need to fire whoever made these crappy decisions for the Battle Pass and the Tenrai Event progression system cause they are sabotaging the crap out of this game and the entire company.

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Wow that’s a terrible challenge! Some of these challenges are way too specific and require the stars to align


The way they are running Halo Infinite is a huge insult to all the previous games and loyal players of the franchise built over the decades! It does not meet the standard for a Halo game at all!

I don’t like the idea of challenges requiring the opposition to do something, like get a Killing Spree. Why can’t all challenges just depend upon individual player action? Get kills, get wins (obviously this depends on your team a bit but is at least easy to achieve if you play well), get assists, get kills with certain guns, whatever. I’ve got the same challenge to get five Killjoy medals in Fiesta and it sucks. Will it eventually happen if I play enough games? Sure. But it’s not at all proportionate to the other challenges.

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I seriously just got the “stop 5 killing sprees in fiesta” challenge, and it’s my 2nd last challenge of the week! Who the F stops 5 killing sprees in a reasonable amount of time! In order to complete that my team and I have to totally suck so they can get the spree in the first place. And to do it five times! I’m better off taking out a loan from the bank so I can just buy it! But that ain’t gonna happen cause I REFUSE to buy ANYTHING!!!

When I saw that challenge on my schedule, I used a challenge swap right away. Cba for such stuff.

I had that challenge too! Took a lot of games before I got it.

To make things worse, the capstone challenge is to get 5 killing sprees yourself!