I Hate Racing/Fighting Teammates for Things

It is getting old fast. Very frustrating.

It’s a competitive game always has been always will be this way

I mean… it’s a quasi-arena shooter. Map positioning and control of power weapons. It’s always been like this. Better luck next time, or let the person that’s better grab it.

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No it has not. In firefight they had req stations and I could get what I want.

That’s firefight broski. This is multiplayer pvp. If you are referencing warzone, that was a pay to win, and broken game mode., It turned into a giant Fiesta match. It didn’t promote anything amazing, or fun.

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In fairness, I do get what I want more often than not, but it is annoying.

That’s PVE not PVP. It’s not going to change, ever. So you’re kinda on your own here

It was not pay to win. If you are smart and use reqs wisely you do not have to spend a dime. I got 133 headshots using loadouts in a game. Also, you could just have the req station with everything available like the Fobs in the campaign. No need for packs.

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I keep saying equipment is lame. I REALLY hate when I’m going for an ability and someone just phases right thru me and grabs it. Also just going for it in general is wack. I rather it be like Halo 5 where you already have everything on your. Ready to fight and have fun.

There also isn’t a huge sandbox. Coupled with the challenges people take exclusively one weapon or just wait there for the weapon. I like some weapons but over all it’s a weak selection

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That is kind of the point… I have no PvE to play.

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Ok, cool? Still doesn’t change the fact warzone was pay to win. I ran with a stack in Halo 5 warzone and 4981 wins and 1 loss. They defintely bought req packs, and used in game credits to purchase packs.

Get req fast as possible for wasps and the just spawn camp for achillies the entire game with tanks/mantis/rockets/snipes. That’s warzone.

Sorry but your “POINT” was how annoying it is that you have to race for the power weapon. Which I’ll say again will never change in competitive Halo PVP. Something like firefight might come later. For now you have campaign.

You know you could always practice with bots that’s practically PVE, and try to get better at getting the power weapon first? But it’s also a good idea to be able to handle your own without a power weapon.

Right now in the Halo 5 launch i would’ve been playing with my own weapons that I picked during warzone. I also would’ve worked for said weapons through gameplay. I would’ve had skins to choose from because they also came from the reqs. All while being able to choose other modes that weren’t the basics like slayer and flag. In this same time in halo infinite I now only have very few pieces for the basic armour set. Limited color selection. Nothing past basic game modes.

For 60 bucks. You got a lot back then. Idk how people don’t see this

This also isn’t Halo 5, there isn’t any other variants of weapons except for campaign. And I’m assuming that they won’t be coming to multiplayer and we are keeping the base standard models only. Atleast not for PVP maybe pve when they introduce it.

Except everything they pulled out were time gated and level gated. It’s funny how you guys ALWAYS leave that out. ALWAYS. You refuse to talk about how getting reqs was an easy thing and if you played and kept playing the more you got. I got everything in the game within 6 months. The game has been out for 6 years. So stats mean nothing. If anything it just proves they used everything in their disposal which everyone had something. Just because you had a varaint of a weapon didn’t mean the other player doesn’t have that weapon. And vise versa. And top of that the moment you died it can be picked up.


twenty characters.

My question is
Why isn’t it better than Halo 5?
Why are there LESS options?

Adding a stabilize custom game option wouldn’t affect multiplayer. Neither would any other addition.

Halo infinite just literally has less.