"I Hate Quitters" Really lets have a look!

I don’t claim to be squekay clean and will freely admit I’ve probably quit a game 4 or 5 times, not because i was losing but because I’ve tried to leave the lobby but the game had already started to load! Yes probably makes be just as bad coz it still left my team 1 short but at my skill level they where probably better off without me?!

Anyway thats my admission and the point of my topic is:

Is it just me or do others laugh when they see someone posting out hating quitters when other can easily check that person Service Record?

The amount of posts I’ve read when people ahve been complained about quitters then are called out after some has taken the time to check their record and seen DNF’s.

Yes some maybe down to lost connection but some are down to the fact that they just simply quit.