i hate my country's P-O bonuses

Hello , first thing i want to say is that this thread is in no way a thread where i cry , rage or troll. This thread is about the fact that for some reason , Europe (and for some reason , mostly Finland) dont get almost anything good for pre-ordering games.

Hello , im making this thread since the first time a saw the pre-order bonuses , i knew what i wanted. The Arctic BR skin. unfortunetly , there is no way of getting it if you live in Finland. It seems that only the US , UK and AUS gets the skin , and no other country. Ok this is a small problem , i could just buy the skin from Ebay or something after the game has released. But this isnt the first time this happened , that i either dont get anything for pre-ordering , get it late or i get something that i dont use.

When i pre-order Halo Reach , i got the Recon helmet , but i got it 2 months late. It was seriously annoying. Same thing was with the PC games i pre-orderd (Portal 2 , Quantum Conondrum) , and the reasons why i didnt get anything for pre-ordering them was because all the websites said that only UK , US and AUS get these pre-orders. Why no love for Europeans on these pre-order bonuses? (Im aware that Britain is part of Europe and that also annoys me , since they get all the cool stuff and we get nothing)

I know it sucks but you really have no choice but to use eBay or wait and see if they are put onto the XBL marketplace.

i only pre ordered to secure my purchase, i don’t care about the bonuses or anything.

But if i did care, i know how you will feel.

I’m a Finn too, and I got Recon Helmet code on e-mail before the game was even released. Maybe it was just where you bought Reach had the troubles.

As for Halo 4, I haven’t really payed attention to pre-order bonuses, they’re just skins. Sooner or later they’ll come available and if not, purchase a code from eBay or somewhere.

I’d say Xbox live features is something that we’re getting forgot about, No Youtube, Xbox Live Rewards or Xbox Live Arcade Indie games. Pre-order bonuses are just bonus features, the ones I mentioned above are what we are supposed to get with Xbox Live Gold membership.

I live in England, and I got the Arctic BR and the Oceanic Armor skin with my GAME pre-order. That’s good enough for me.

Aw crap man, you Finns get screwed over than…

I’m from the Netherlands and you do get neat goodies here. I believe the Arctic BR skin is in my set…So it’s not like you’re situation all over Europe.

> I live in England, and I got the Arctic BR and the Oceanic Armor skin with my GAME pre-order. That’s good enough for me.

I miss GAME, they all closed down here in Ireland, I used to get a 15% discount on all games as my aunt was deputy manager. Now I have to go to GameStop… I don’t like GameStop.

i live in belgium and got 5 skins :slight_smile: just luky i gues


Dude i live in Denmark (Europe)

We have lots of the pre-order bonuses.

That and we can order from Amazon as well.

It’s life, learn to live with it…