I had an idea that the Didact captures a Halo Ring, parks a small shield world moon in the center, and when the UNSC tries to recapture it, releases more evolved Flood from the moon onto the Ring


— The Didact survived but now exists in his composed form and unknowingly serves a Gravemind, unleashed from inside the hollow shield world moon
— The DIdact was able to find a cartographer for the Composer but they are smaller, more stationary units that require composed units to be captured and processed through them in a system that takes 36-48 hours
— The Didact captures marines from a fleet that was downed by a forerunner keyship in orbit arond the ring ( which Masterchief later boards and destroys with the help of Mendicant Bias ) and you have to rescue UNSC units trapped in the composer processing factories that the didact installed deep inside the ring and in forerunner fortresses scattered on the surface in different regions
---- While this is taking place, the Didact is turning ancient humans from captured Zeta Halo Cylyxes that he transported on the Keyship into an upgraded flood inside the moon, using his Composed forces on the Ring to buy time
---- At some point in the story, the Arbiter uses a massive gas platform parked inside the ring to breach the surface of the moon and it’s defenses, unknowing the flood horrors that await once inside.
---- Once the flood reach the ring, we start to see them take over a variety of creatures like those found in the concept art from Infinite
---- On the ring, the flood are able to take over Promethians using a link provided by the Didact to control their systems

  • Final Mission: Chief regroups with the Arbiters surviving forces on the moon and breach the interior, fighting through large labyrinthian passageways, caves, tunnels and structures to discover that the Gravemind is in control of a paritally operational, but damaged Guardian and you fight against this massive Flood infested Guardian on the inside surface of the moon construct. After destroying the guardian you use a Pelican to escape the crumbling interiors like the Millenium Falcon escaping the second death star, before it crashes, damaged on the surface. You make your way to an overturned warhog on the surface and try to reach a nearby ship to escape, fighting large tentacled flood like bending trees, and flying flood units along the way.

Epilogue: You, Arbiter and some marines escape, but the flood still have control of the Ring, although the moon with the Flood infested Guardian is split in half and partially destroyed with pieces of it having damaged the ring in some places.

The game ends on a cliffhanger, with ONI secretly meeting with 343 Guilty Spark to enlist his help to contain the flood on the damaged ring before they infect the Galaxy


It’s quite a story! I had never imagined the flood and the Prometheans working together, they look so opposite.
I like that you bring back the Didacte, he was a good villain who disappear too soon.

Personally, I imagined the Didacte threatening the galaxy with the Halos and putting an ultimatum for everyone to be recomposed

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He was killed off in a comic book

I think this would work quite well as a co-op campaign.

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LOL, you remind me of a supervisor that used to send emails but everything was on the subject. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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