I Had A Dream...

I had a dream about Halo 4.
It probably means nothing, but I’ll tell you all anyway.
I only remember one thing, probably because it was exciting for a Halo nerd such as myself.

The playlists were populated a decent amount!
The lowest one was at 14,000.
The highest was at 32,000.
Team Throwdown was in the list at about 27,000.

Once again, this probably means nothing, but I get De Javu quite often, just saying.
Could this maybe mean something.
Will I find myself saying, “I remember this in a dream.”?

Maybe you are still asleep and this is a part of your dream.

That’s low. I remember the first day halo 4 came out. Infinity Slayer and Infinity BTB both had 400k players.

I never seen that population on halo but i know halo 3 had much better, unfortunately, didn’t have xbox back then :frowning:

I had a dream … Halo 4 Multi-Team . :confused:

> I had a dream … Halo 4 Multi-Team . :confused:

When will Multi-Team show up anyway?
I don’t recall any info regarding it.

I hope you’re a psychic, OP.

I had dream once. Some awesome UNSC flying vehicle was in Halo. I think it might have been a HAWK, but it was pretty awesome.

the death of active camo…nope. just dreamin.