I guess it's farewell to my contributing then, Discord not the right place to be

I’m devastated forum shutting down, thought I’d join Discord even though I’m not too keen on it.
So in a post I simply put, that from some of the leaks good things are deffo coming to Infinite… That’s totally harmless, out of respect I would not mention anything regarding what they were. It’s common knowledge some things got out.

Basically just got warning from Discord, so guess it’s farewell to arms, if there is no forum and Discord warning or banning people for a harmless comment that effects nobody, and was respectful to 343’s hard work not to mention anything about what those things were then guess Iv’e nowhere to go, my Spartan off the battlefield is now homeless :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:


The discord is a huge echo chamber for 343i, not a place of debate and discussion anyway


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I like how they also make the move to shut down the forums seem so innocent and kind-hearted in nature.


Im also bailing from the community. Reddit just sucks and Discord is an echo chamber as mentioned. Between this and season 3 just not doing enough I may just be done with Halo until another Halo game is released.



I’m also really unhappy about the forums shut down. Quite simply, it will limit my interaction with Halo. I had been thinking about checking out season 3, but now I’m feeling like dropping Halo for a while until some decent campaign content comes out.


The forms is still a breathing livable place for all Halo fans alike. Sure, there are people that come on and troll or say rude things, but that’s why there should be more moderators. The discussion for Halo will never end, but this amazing place is and it’s sad to me too.

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Sadly the Discord channel will ban people who will discuss leaked or datamined content, so its very difficult to discuss anything, as most people want to talk about either the downsides of the game, or the content coming in the future.


A real shame this forum is shutting down, I fully agree.

Moderation of any platform will always be extremely subjective, unfortunately - so I feel you on that one.
Good luck finding a suitable place to discuss Halo, and I mean this sincerely.

Let’s start a Ventrilo.