I got out of the silent cartogrother

I appolagize for my spelling of it, but yesterday I got out of silent cartogrother using a warthog and pretty good jump and I was pretty happy because it took me some time, but is this the usaul way for players to get out of this level(by out I mean on top of the island), or did I do it the hard way, anyway I just wanted to ask if anyone else has got out yet because the reason I tried to get out was to look for easter eggs but I failed to find any because the new grapthics didnt work well up there and I couldnt see where I was going sometimes.

Flick back to old CE graphics, 343 must only just be starting to use fog/mist and decided to spam it everywhere :confused:

I’m pretty sure there’s a place where you can lure a Hunter into meleeing you up. I never tried it.

just jump off the warthog like this