I got Black Ops II

It’s very fun. The campaign was great. What you did in the story effected how it ends. There’s multiple endings. It’s very decision based and the story drags you in. When something bad happened, I actually felt upset, as if I were actually in the story.

The multiplayer is really fun. I enjoy it quite a bit, minus the scrubs that I find nestled in a corner just waiting for me like a -Yoink-. Just to inform you: HALO 4 MULTIPLAYER IS NOT LIKE CALL OF DUTY MULTIPLAYER. Black Ops II has REAL fully customizable classes, meaning snipers, shotguns, launchers, ect. at your fingertips.

Comparing the 2 games, Halo 4 and BOII are equally amazing games. Both stories were amazing. Both multiplayers are very fun to play. Very addictive and I find myself playing the multiplayer all the time for both.

I’m currently spending my time on Black Ops II because I just got it for Christmas and I’ve been playing Halo 4 a LOT. I’m a level 64 or something and I need a break. But I like both. Just thought I’d tell you guys. Both games are good. Very different, but both good. :slight_smile:

If you want an actual good shooter/war game play Gears of War. You’d be doing yourself a favor not playing a copy + paste game. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good to know.

I don’t care which game is the best, whatever the genre it may be. I just play what I want to play and enjoy while I can :wink:

Sorry OP, but I’m locking this. Threads in which Blops and Halo are mentioned always tend to go only one way… and it’s not good. Thanks for understanding.