I got banned for playing with my friend who was new...read the story...

so I have a friend over and we play Halo Reach, its the first time my friend had played Halo Reach and he plays as my guest, so he was getting used to the controls. We played about 7 matchmaking games, my friend had about 2 or 3 games where he had 0 kills when we played a experienced team, but all the other games he got a decent amount of kills for a beginner, (2,5,7) and one game he had 20 and a descent amount of medals for the amount of kills he got. So in the middle of a SWAT game (my friend ended up with 7 kills btw) I get a message saying this console had been temporarily banned from earning credits, followed by a message saying this account has been temporarily banned from earning credits. At first I was thinking the best and though I had just reached the daily credit cap. Then I was confused and I had reached the credit cap before and it didnt say this. So I basically got banned “temporarily” for inviting a friend over and playing halo reach with him and he didnt “perform up to a great enough standard” so it apparently looked like im turing on a controller and signing in as my guest and putting it on my team in the TU beta somehow “cheating” WOW. do they not like when new people play halo reach?! what is this?! it happened Friday night and its Tuesday night now and every time I start up halo reach the two messages pop up…i hear up to 2 weeks so…g

Dang bro that blows. =(

Yeah, the ban hammer is harsh.

They ban for consecutive 0-kill games because they don’t have any way to actually detect if someone is AFKing (entering matches without playing, to earn game completion credits without helping their team). All they can do is look at the post-game stats – stuff like the kill counts – and make a very, very sloppy guess.

Unless they patch in a new system for detecting idling in games, I don’t see this getting fixed. I think all you’ll be able to do is wait out your ban. Sorry. :\

AFKers… It’s their fault that the Banhammer bans!

I’ve played quite a few games with people as my guests who never played Reach or any other Halo game before, both team games and FFA, and sometimes with multiple guests. Yet even though they really sucked and often got zero kills or even went negative (score, not just K/D), I still haven’t been banned.