I Got Banned and its GREAT!

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So due to reports of offensive communications i have been banned from using ANY FORM of xbox live communication. This includes skype, personal message and in game chat! THIS HAS BEEN A GIFT FROM GOD! I no longer have to listen to trolls during the screens where you can’t see which GT is talking. I no longer have to deal with not being able to mute a player for absolutely no reason at all. No more random messages from people gloating that they got and assassination and no more listening to f u c king noobs whining and “know it alls” telling every how dumb they are for not playing the game their way. Thanks for the reports guys. It fixed alot of the social issues i had with halo 5.

Np, next time you won’t be able to play at all. Then you won’t have to deal with the community you hate so much at all.