I got a question for all of you

Who had a bad time trying to beat Chak Lok ? I sure the Hell did LoL. How did you feel after defeating him after numerous attempts.


I thought Chak Lok was really cool. I kept running out of ammo, so I panicked a lot. Thankfully, I was able to find more weapons to beat him. I really liked how they did a boss battle. It reminds me of Halo 5 Warzone enemies.


I had more trouble with Tremonius than Chak 'Lok, to be honest. I guess I was lucky with Chak 'Lok, I guess, I’ve beaten him on my second try on Heroic. I think Tremonius took me five tries give or take.

I haven’t met the third boss yet, I have been looking for collectibles in the open world.

a interesting concept for a sangheili. though even on legendary, i found his boss battle to be pretty tame and easy. especially compared to the jetpack brute just before… god that was the worst one

Tremonius was using a hydra and bulldog with good aim. I was fuming at that. LoL.

I find it amusing how Elites talk crap about you hiding when they are invisible.

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