I got 76 kills rofl

I was playing big team battle and running around and killing bad guys, I noticed I kept getting double kills, triple kills and I was basically in the zone almost the whole game, dying only 5 times I believe. But, I noticed one thing, both teams, we’re full of players who were probably “newer” and we’re averaging 10-18 kills, some people had like 1-9.

But the funny thing is, the game was really close because their team was better, but I just happened to get 55% of my teams kills hehe. Anyways, it was fun because the game was close and it was like almost every 10 seconds I encountered an enemy player. It was a good feat that I achieved and I was happy that I got over 70 kills since it was my first time getting that much in one game, and our team won with 143 kills because the time ran out.

Thats awesome. One of the best feeling in the world. Gets the adrenaline flowing ^^ My best game was 86/2 on the Valhalla forge remake

Nice story bro

I think the best I’ve done in one game of BTB is 60+ kills with the Scorpion tank. I love it when things go my way :slight_smile:

The best I did was an unfriggenbelievable with a flag in one hand and pistol in the other.
That was for Halo 4.

In Halo Reach, I just demolished a team in the anniversary playlist.

Thats cool that you got so many on foot!

The most I’ve gotten was 98-0 with Banshee. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve seen much much higher than that though lol