I get disconnected from LIVE every time I go on?

I was wondering if anybody had any troubleshooting tips or if anyone knew why every time I put my Halo Wars disc in, I get disconnected from Xbox LIVE. When I put my disc in, I’m still online as it goes through the “Ensemble Studios” scene, but as soon as it gets to the “Microsoft” one, I’m immediately disconnected. Furthermore, as soon as I leave Halo Wars, I’m connected right back to LIVE and it puts me back into any parties I was in, etc. There’s nothing wrong with my router and I’ve tried restarting my 360 five times, plus I’m able to go online just fine on NFS Hot Pursuit and Ace Combat 6, so it’s definitely a problem with Wars. If anybody can help me out, please do so. Thank you.

Give Xbox Support a shout! They should be able to try and help. (better than most of us here, anyways.)