I found the thing they hoped we wouldn't see

…the credits guys… the secret was in the credits all along…

They have like years’ worth of content as a backlog.

I have yet to finish the credits, but there are so many names for a “broken game” that they are probably on a rollout schedule with specific milestones already set out years in advance.

So, place your bets! What content will drop when?

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Like the game credits? Yeah this is a known thing, Microsoft have a tendency to do a lot of short-period outsourcing for their projects. A lot of the people who worked on the game probably were only there for a few months. You’ll probably have similar findings at studios like the Coalition.

We don’t know internal company politics, so this level of outsourcing isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But you can hazard a guess at the pros and cons of developing in this style.

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Its not been a secret that 343 cycles out contractors every couple of of months. You do that for 6 years and your work force looks enormous.