I found an interesting comment about gunplay

Halo is more about positioning, maintaining corners and highground and maintaining power weapons than it is about raw gunplay skills. This has always been the case. Its why its an arena shooter and not an arcade shooter.

Who cares if a gold player can “easily” 4 shot someone. That’s not what Halo is about.


Almost every single weapon has a headshot multiplier now.

Not consistently, no. That’s why they’re gold and not Diamond or Onyx.

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headshot bonuses are only after broken shields for most weapons

every gold player can hit shots, i bet a lot of them just dont know the 3 body shot 1 headshot rule or struggle for the headshot. anyway im not arguing that. the point is, theres not much variety in precision weapon battles, not enough risk vs reward. precision weapons might be more fun with headshot bonuses. no one complains about the sniper.

Yea, both my buddies who haven’t played Halo consistently for years got ranked into low gold at first. Neither of them are bad shots to be honest. They just didn’t play much H5 or ranked MCC so their rotations on Strongholds and Oddball were just really really bad for a while. And they didn’t really understand how to properly collapse in Slayer.

Silver’s and bronze players probably can’t really hit shots that well. But there’s a ton of combinations of types of skills that will land a player in Gold.

When I say “accessibility”, I mean the controller mechanics are reliable for most players for all control styles. Knowing that perfects are more attainable by focusing on body shots at first is more of a knowledge than accessibility.

I think this is short-sighted. A skill gap doesn’t actually mean that the gameplay has more depth. This top PC player lacks the aim assist to make all body shots hit and you want to add a bonus headshot damage? That’s going to add randomness.

On PC because there is no red crosshair to tell players when a shot will land it means everyone must eyeball their shots. Mouse & keyboard players also do not have any aim-assist. There’s also desync issues sometimes. Console players have more consistent hits because they get a red crosshair to tell them when their shots will land and aim-assist for controller players to stay on target.

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same thing, i used to lose lots of br battles in halo 3 because i didnt know the shield rule. the br wasnt accessible to me

aim assist is differrent arguement and im not talking about a skill gap. going for headshots over body shots will always be risky. when i said gap, i was talking about a gap in kill times.

This really doesn’t matter. Personally, I don’t care about the red crosshair and I don’t see how it would help PC players, either. I do wish we could change our crosshair color, I always use green but still not a big deal.

There is something extremely wrong with your understanding of the game and skill if this was your first thought after reading what I said bro. Wow. Rethink it for awhile…

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you seem offended by a simple question

Not offended in the slightest. It’s just ridiculous to read that…like did you even think it through at all? A gold getting 4 shots on people is relative to whom the gold is match made with. To just throw a blanket statement like that is just beyond ridiculous dude. How in the world could someone not get that?

Are you saying golds cant 4 shot daimonds all day by mashing the trigger 4 times?

Are you saying a gold can’t just waltz into a match with Lucid or snakebite and proceed to just 4 shot them the entire match?

Do those sentences make sense? Or do they sound ridiculous? You should get the point now. Then you should realize how dumb it was for anyone to just exaggerate something like that.

put a gold in a empty room with snakebite and he will win some br battles and/or get cllose. I’m not talking about teamplay or map knowledge.

that doesnt sound right but also not my concern. i just like more risk and rewards in gun fights.

I agree that the br is easy to use but this is not true at all.

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The point being made is that the heatwave is capable of 2 shotting at mid to long range if you’re good enough with it. It’s skill ceiling is high enough that most people can’t even use it outside of CQC.

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There a few things that actually peaked my interest in favyn’s videos.

One of the biggest things was how he got my brain thinking about the two weapons, the BR and the AR, and how much more depth that could be added to these tools to add more of a skill gap.

Yet, not so much of a gap that it discourages newer players from picking up the weapons entirely.

The AR could act more similarly to a rifle and not so much of the bullet hose we’re used, too. Encouraging you to burst at range and let it rip up close.

Why are new players so important when people left in droves anyways?

People didn’t leave in droves. Some of the steam population did. At least the ones who use keyboard.

My point was that weapons like the AR should be fairly difficult to use while not outright punishing to newer players.

I still don’t see why new players are important. The people who’ve been playing for 20 years are still here.

That’s not the point I was making. I’m saying things should require some form of skill but shouldn’t be outright discouraging.

Helping newer players isn’t the main point, while it does introduce more players to the Halo series. Preserving a healthy and enjoyable sandbox is what i’m mainly concerned with.