I found an interesting comment about gunplay

“”""It is a reason games like Overwatch, Valorant, Counterstrike all have the most satisfying combat with the weapons. It’s because the average kills times and perfect kill times have a huge gap in an average gun fight. The variance is huge from a top level player and a low skilled player in times to kill with the same weapon/character. Compare that to Halo where it feels like even a gold player just mashes the trigger 4 times with a BR and melts you. Nevermind getting teamshot

To any game developers reading this comment. What Favyn was talking about in the difference in average time to kill and perfect time to kill, is literally the most underrated thing about First person shooting games. Everything about your game could be trash but if you make guns difficult but satisfying to use. Players will be motivated to create highlights.

That heatwave example around 45 minutes was spot on. It’s difficult to use. I can use any example from overwatch because it is a terrific sandbox but specifically Genji’s ninja stars are incredibly difficult but satisfying to use/kill with at range. They need to make all guns in Halo have this varying difficult but satisfying relationship"""""

This got me thinking, maybe halo needs to finally have extra headshot damage with weapons like the br to reward players who take the risk of missing a headshot.


YESS. The BR is easy to use. Too rigid. Too predictable and most of all over done.

Not everyone could melt with the Halo 5 Magnum. You needed skill to do so. You don’t really need skill for the BR.

Also the heatwave is goat. It’s not hard to use.

What we do need is more precision weapons. People hate that it dominated in halo 5 but don’t realize it works really well with Halo

A lot of these guns now are mostly one shot melee weapons. Quick kill times and generally use to use like the mangler


what he was saying was basically that the BR is far too easy to use, which is worrying coming from him (he’s definitely on the lower end of the spectrum skillwise)

The solution should be to make the BR a more difficult weapon either through a rework (making it projectile) or just by reducing its aim assist/bullet mag.


Its not that I find it easy, I just think there are some instances when going for the headshot would be more fun on like a unsuspecting enemy. I dont really think combat would change that much, it would just add an extra layer onto it because you have to choose when its best to go for headshots or body shots. I like games with risks and rewards. i wouldnt want all the weapons to be like this though, only the precision weapons


I like picking up the sidekick for this reason

I’m a Ball main so the gunplay is not what makes that game fun for me. I like the team dynamic and the massively different playstyles to each hero. There’s a hero for every mood. I’d probably still be playing it now if I didn’t hate the direction Overwatch 2 is going.

Halo the BR has never really been hard to use, it’s more about movement and strategy. You only usually miss shots because of pressure or distance.

Heatwave is my fave new gun, it’s super easy to use but it’s satisfying to kill with.

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The BR works exactly the way it should with KBM. It can take 5, 6 and sometimes 7 burst to get the kill. The problem is the aim assist and stronger bullet mag controller receives.

Just to give you an example…

This is DusttinB, a top KBM player. His last match in Oddball he went 54 and 30, out of those 54 kills he never got a perfect. A top controller player would of had multiple perfects.


thats fine but it should also alllow exra headshot damage to make that gap even bigger.

No, with the current state of aim assist and bullet mag controller receives, it would make things worse.

It sounds like you want the gunplay to be like the Infinite Sniper, where it’s effective yet frustrating to use. In contrast, Halo 2’s Sniper was both effective and easy, but the skill gap was still great.

Also, Halo 2’s BR is easier than the Infinite BR, and that game had great skill gaps.

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yes but Halo 2 also had button combos, so that comparison is a bit off.

The Sprint slide jump is a button combo.

I get your point, but it had great skill gaps without the button combos. You are just under the impression that the general player-base used the combos, which was not the case. I never used them, personally, and could see the skill gaps without them.


im not talking about a skillgap. I dont think the skillgap would change. it would just change weapon functionality for certain situations. However it would allow some cool outplays when one guy is playing it safe while the other desperately goes for headshots. It sounds good but maybe it will be too annoyying.

that’s fair.

I also sort of think that gamers (in general) are far more advanced than what they used to be. Now people play Infinite at 120 or higher FPS, high FOV’s, specially made controllers, etc.

So landing shots is nothing compared to what it used to be on older hardware.


Yeah, I wasn’t specifically talking about skillgap. My point was that if you make the weapon more difficult, it takes the fun and accessibility to it away. My example of that was with the current Sniper versus H2 Sniper. I also think Infinite’s BR is not as easy as perceived but maybe it’s an illusion of the game mechanics.

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Yea, I think anyone who believes the MnK/ controller balance is perfect is fooling themselves. It’s not as bad as some people make it out to be either though.

Mostly I’m looking forward to seeing how the first wave of balance changes is going to go. Less is more, and developers usually overdue the first big one, and then end up with a great feel that’s a middle ground between a games launch and its first huge balance changes.

I generally like the gun play and balance right now. I’d like to see big buffs to the ravager and plasma pistol, and a small buff to the commando. The BR is pretty solid imo. It’s balanced right now to fit a wall weapon role really well. It generally out performs loadout weapons all the time, but other wall weapons can still win gunfights against BR’s if you use their niches well.

If the BR were made more available in modes besides ranked, I think it would need a range nerf or something to keep it from ruling the sandbox

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i don’t think accessibility is an issue. if anything the ccurrent system has an accessibility issue. A lot of people dont know you have to go for headshots only when shields are broke.

Interesting conversations here, except this part is ridiculous. We know this is very untrue. It’s so unnecessary to exaggerate something THAT much.

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are you saying gold players cant 4 shot someone?