I found a pretty weird glitch - help?

(The title stays in caps, not sure if it’s supposed to do that…)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oujI1pX3Ghc - Watch this and it explains everything I know. My disk/internet/xbox is fine, Reach has been installed to my Hard Drive since launch and has been fine. Just wondering if anyone knows the cause of this glitch and if it’s something that is known… I couldn’t pause or anything during this, and it immediately balck-screened after entering a game of BTB Slayer (I think) on Boneyard. I played a game after resetting my console on Boneyard and it was fine…

Not really sure what it was, if anyone can enlighten me, it would be greatly appreciated!

Could just of been a bit of dirt or dust which made it unreadable?

Sounds like the disk is scratched in an awkward place it, a similar thing happened in Call of Duty Black Ops when it came out, if you scratched your disk in a certain place, this would happen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZoR4PYH64Q.

If you haven’t already, try uninstalling Reach and installing it again, if that doesn’t work, you will be looking for a new disk.

My Xbox doesn’t read the disk though, it’s installed to the Hard Drive, which is why I’m a bit confused… Unless it does part read the disk as well which I suppose is pretty fair enough

EDIT: Ah, I’ve heard of the Black Ops thing as well. It’s been fine since, interestingly enough though… I’ve not done anything to it, not even take the disk out so I don’t know if it is genuinely a 1-in-a-million occurrence or something. Thanks for the help, anyway!

Oh, i know.
Though this can be a sign of a damaged hard drive, you may also troubleshoot this issue by reseating the hard drive on the console.
1.Turn off the Xbox 360. Unplug the power cord.
2. Remove the xbox 360 hard disk drive by pressing the release button between the hard drive and the air vent. Lift the hard drive away.
3. Check the hard drive contacts for dust, dirt or other foreign substances. Clean if necessary.
Reattach the hard drive by inserting the back end of the hard drive into the hard drive bay on the Xbox 360. Press the front end into the Xbox 360 until it clicks.
Reinsert the power cord and turn on the Xbox 360. If the Xbox 360 still does not recognize the hard drive, the hard drive or Xbox 360 will need to replaced or repaired