I found a bug in Halo Reach

I was playing Reach and make the daily challenges. After that I want to see the Halo Remake Clip on Halo Waypoint.
So I pressed start in Reach and start Waypoint from the Reach game.
So I watched the clip on Waypoint and after that I played Reach again.
But the challenge (make a clip and upload it to your Fileshare) wasnt make, but I´ve done this.
So I make it again (upload a clip to Fileshare) and I got the challenge.

Then I start Waypoint from Halo Reach, watched a clip and start Halo Reach again.
And its the same like before. I havent complete the challenge (upload a clip to the fileshare) that I make before:

I think its a bug in Reach. Please fix it.

Hope u understand what I mean. Sorry for my bad english.

Greetings from germany.