I Fixed It-Just Speculation

What if Reach’s campaign didn’t actually happen.

OK, hear me out, this seems crazy but just think about it. Most of Halo 4 was a simulation - the multiplayer (Wargames) and the campaign (which was pretty much simulation of the Master Chief’s experiences for training purposes, same as MM).
So the loading screen for Reach is the icon of Auntie DOT (Noble Teams A.I), implying it’s digital of a kind. Also during the campaign we discover that it’s from Noble 6’s headcam’s perspective (Lone Wolf) not Noble 6’s, opening up the possibility of you as a third party watching the campaign as a simulation.
My question is what if Reach didn’t actually happen, and if it did was very different, but was instead a training simulation for Spartan IVs. If you think about it over the course of the campaign Noble Team embody what Spartans should be (humble, self-sacrificing, determined), and the matchmaking acts as a more basic (beginners) simulation. What if instead Noble Team’s story is just a moral one for recruits and MM an introduction to wargames. This would also solve the discrepancies between the book and the game, as the game didn’t happen. This is just food for thought so please don’t flame me.

What do you mean by what if Reach never happened? How could Spartans train in live action in a campaign simulation? Makes no sense

This idea makes no sense. Also this would probably piss a lot of people off.

It’s a crackpot theory that doesn’t have any evidence going for it but I’ll accept it anyways because if there was one thing Reach lacked, it was scale.

It was supposed to be the biggest military fortress world of the UNSC and yet for the first few levels we’re rummaging around in some random farm because of ??? reasons.

Then when we finally switch over to space we find that apparently the entire world is defended by the smallest refuel and repair platform ever known to man, smaller than even the ISS. Anchor 9.

Every level should have been like Exodus and New Alexandria. This planet is supposed to be the most industrialized next to Earth itself and yet we’re fighting over desert in Tip of the Spear and infiltrating zoos in Nightfall?

Too few AI Marines, troopers, spaceships, etc. It felt more like a ghost town than a heavily defended planet most of the time.

It does have some evidence going for it, however. In the Limited and Legendary Editions of the game, there are in-universe papers that say the Halo: Reach “game” is an interactive disc chronicling the final operations of SPECWAR/GroupTHREE/NOBLE and that it is the, "most complete and accurate account that anyone has been able to assemble of SPECWAR/GroupTHREE/NOBLE’s actions during the final weeks before the Covenant glassed Reach.

So Halo: Reach, according to Bungie, was effectively a reconstruction of what Noble went through on Reach.