I find 6 issues with Halo Infinite Multiplayer that I have to pick a bone with

The gameplay mechanics are great. However, I find issue with the fact that we can’t pick which game modes to play. On top of all of that, I find it concerning that when people are partied up on big team, they never get put in the same squads. Then, there’s the issue where you can’t pick your squads if you’re squaded up away from party members. I find it absolutely annoying that you can’t mute people during a match and have to wait after the match to find their username to mute them. Do you see a pattern here? I most certainly do. The progression system is absolutely hot garbage and will kill the game for ANYONE & EVERYONE before it takes off from the ground. Don’t get me started on the amouny of microtransactions that the majority of the community have been against since Halo 5. INB4 “Just don’t buy them, then.” Ooooooh nooooo. You don’t say. Thanks for the update, Captain -Yoink!- Gumshoe. It must have taken you moments to come up with that. 10 bucks for a battlepass and 25 to only get leveled up a quarter of the way, on top of creating a system where players can pay to level up, instead of grinding out through this ABYSMAL progression system. I see why you have it that way. Must be nice to trick people into paying to level up their battlepass to meet your monthly financial quotas. What happened to “we won’t make the same mistakes we made with Halo 5”, huh? Already 1 day into launch and the only good thing this game has going for it is the gameplay mechanics. This is why Halo Infinite is going to die and it’s all thanks to you, 343. Thank you for screwing over the fans yet again. Edit: I don’t understand why my post has been flagged so many times, when my criticisms for this game are perfectly valid. Quite frankly, it feels like either 343 or some butthurt “fanboys” just want to silence valid criticism and these are things worth pointing out among other things that are wrong with this game. Instead of hiding criticism, it should be crucial step in the right direction to fix all of these things that are wrong with the game in an update. TL;DR stop booing me, I’m right.