I Finally Got to Playing Flood Firefight Last Night

Honestly it is a gamemode long overdue and I am glad 343i finally made what was a dream a reality. It is a great gamemode and I love the fact that you get some allied AI to help you.

That being said, I do believe the mode would benefit if there were more spawn points added. Like the regular Firefight, the Flood only spawn in three’s and four’s in an area. Maybe the number of spawn points could be upped so that maybe ten or fifteen Flood forms spawn in an area?


The mode could benefit from some additional TLC and fine tuning, absolutely.

But I’m also just super happy that it exists in the first place. This legitimately feels like the first bone 343i has thrown me as a huge Firefight fan literally since they took over the series in 2011.

Since “Floodfight” is such a pieced-together “bonus feature” type game mode, I don’t necessarily think it’ll ever feel perfectly dialed in. But it’s just so much fun to have an entirely new Firefight experience exist for the first time in a decade plus

I don’t consider Warzone FF a true Firefight mode in the mold of ODST and Reach. This Flood mode dials into what always felt so right about the Firefight mode in those games, IMO.

Seriously, 343- Thank you so much for this. I sincerely hope to see similar sensibilities brought to bear in Infinite, eventually.


Oh man, it’s so much fun.
I missed that I can have friendly AI, I’ll have to check that out


I don’t know if they spawn on all of the maps but they definitely do on Lost Platoon. It honestly felt really cool to have the 2 AI with me, backs against the wall, just mowing down any oncoming Flood.