I finally flew a Banshee in Infinite and........

im going to be honest, i am not a fan of the Banshee. is it just me is it hard to control? there also seems to be a delay in the way the banshee responds to input. The banshee was awesome in Halo 5 but now i feel like i am fighting the controller just to fly it in Infinite. It sounds great and powerful but it is very underwhelming to play with. It is also unfortunate that you can’t do vertical evasion like before but i can live it.
It needs to respond more properly to the controller.

is there anyone else having issues with the Banshee?

I’m curious as to what banshee you were flying because it felt PERFECT to me. It could hover fairly well unlike modern halo banshees, the weapons were powerful enough, and the banshee most certainly has aerial evasions and they are quite impressively smooth.

it’s probably my favorite iteration thus far