I Finally figured out whats missing. (Long-ish read.)

I want you to watch this trailer.Remember how excited you were? How fun it was just to watch this trailer? Well now some of you are now saying “this game isnt fun anymore”. Well I have the reason for it.Look closely in the trailer. You will notice something that isnt in the real game much. No not Armor Lock spam. But something we all love…Teamwork.

Notice how when it shows team matches the entire team is together no one is lone wolfing. This is what made the trailer look beast aside from the game itself. The invasion with all 6v6 people in one shot was pretty awsome too.So recently I just played a game of 4v4 and my team was together most the game, and so was the other team. We had teamwork involved in that match.

I had alot of fun and the most fun in a long time. I get stressed out easily and I hate AL alot more than anything…you know what the entire other team was using? Armor Lock and, it didnt make me angry at all…I enjoyed the match because of the teamwork.

Also awhile back I was playing E Skirmish with a full party agaonst another full party…We bunched up like crazy and we fought like a warrior. We were loosing by 10 the entire game until we started to have more teamwork involved. Then in the end, we won by 8 kills. We sent a message to the other team saying “good game” and they replied with the same.Thats whats including in an epic match. Thats what can make this game insanely fun.

In the trailer it was fun to see the new features but the teamwork made it.Now I love this game, it stresses me out at times but these matches…where there is teamwork involved, makes up for an epic game.Now all we need to do is find a way to make people team up to make this happen. If there was more of a reason to win games then we get started on that.

I still think the problems should be fixed (Armor Lock, melees etc.) but all im trying to say is teamwork makes some fun and epic matches :slight_smile:


I’ll definitely agree we were told to team up more often/efficiently in Reach from the get go. And I agree that’s why the trailer makes it look like the kill times are fast. That and a lot of grenades, melee and AA use :slight_smile:

I think a those that have the attitudes of “you stole my kill!” or “you took my weapon” get in the way of those that think “nice finish, next target at insert location.” or “let me know how to back you up, if you die, my turn.”

A lot of players seem to want to compete with their own team and that sucks when it happens. Those seem to be my boring or drawn out games.

Reach is definitely missing that Halo feeling, that’s for sure.

> Reach is definitely missing that Halo feeling, that’s for sure.


OP, when I watched it for the first time I was excited, I won’t lie. That is, until I saw AL, sprint, jet pack, bloom and the word “LOADOUTS”. Those things just made me dread Reach’s release. Reach was just a novelty item for me.

Faster kill times might make teamwork look like a better choice. Faster death = encouragement to stick together and cover teammates, even if your real motivation is to use your teammate as a meat shield.

While I agree with your statement, there is no possible chance to reach (pun not intended) out to that many people and tell them to start working with their team. Its just not possible. Considering a quarter of the population of Reach is 8-12 year old kids, and not even the mature ones. They just REFUSE to work with their team.

I recently sent this 11 year old kid a voice message telling him to stop betraying his teammates. He sent me a voice message back telling me to “F” myself. It annoys me to think how the parents raised this child, and what Reach has fallen to. Honestly, the game is only a lot of fun when you have friends over or in your party.

Well the community has certainly become more immature and worse over time, which has to do with the game appealing to younger age groups but it also has to do with the game mechanics and ranking systems.

Power weapons have become overpowering in Reach , and one of the only ways to dominate and have fun on your own so they are betrayed for now and coveted more.

AA’s are not used in coordination with each other and are not being used in strategic manner most of the time, but rather promote a lone-wolf style of play because its kind of like everyone has their own “I-Win button”. Why should I stick with my teammate if I have invincilibty or can turn camo and jam your radar right? Why stick next to my teammate when I can evade across the map and get away from trouble easily with my AA right? Now as a team and in ranked playlists like Arena or more hardcore playlists like MLG this is different, from in the general playlists in Reach this is how it is.

The credit system also promotes playing selfishly for yourself rather than trying to win the game for your team knowing that if you dont you get nothing. Why should I try and help my teammates if I get credits either when I win or lose depending on my performance? It all promotes selfish gameplay and it horrible for any game community.

Halo CE taught the importance of team-work and being a good sport. You had to LAN in HCE and that made games personal and united the Halo community. It was a gamaing experience like no other that will proabably never be replicated, the amount of fun LAN’ing I had is still unmatched by any other game. When you killed one of your friends or LAN partners, you could taunt him and speak to him about what you just did in game to him. You had to be a good sport, or else you would be seen as a baby and nobody would want to play with you. The games had higher intesity levels knowing the people you were going against, and wanting to have bragiing rights for that night. It was a whole different game and experience.

Now, Halo 2 had one of the best online gaming communities there ever was. I could search random in any playlist and find people who wanted to win, and even party up with them after the game and start up a conversation. Why is this? Well it has alot to do with game mechanics and a ranking system based on your performance as a team, but
its also because most people who played Halo in the old days WANTED TO WIN. Halo was known as THE console game to play if you wanted competitve games and people held pride in the fact that Halo held that reputation. We had pride in being Halo gamers. Alot of Halo 2 gamers were also HCE gamers so that sense of community and pride was very present in Halo 2.

The community was much more hardcore back then, and Halo 2 was just a great team game and the most fun when played as a team game. There were no AA’s that automatically created different play-styles, you played as a team or you lost and got nothing.

As the game changes, the community changes and there is no better proof of that than Halo Reach. Some of the magic is gone, and the community is not united like it once was.

> Faster kill times might make teamwork look like a better choice. Faster death = encouragement to stick together and cover teammates, even if your real motivation is to use your teammate as a meat shield.

Indeed. The AR and PR need a buff. The PR should take out shields quicker and the AR should kill unsheilded people quicker.