I figured out my how to use the Commando my best way

From my use, the weapon’s best purpose isn’t a dueling weapon. There are definitely better weapons for that. But always use it range and burst your shots on enemies mispositioned. Don’t full auto spray unless you know the last few hits will kill. If you auto then you just will lose control. Play it like a DMR first few shorts. It also isn’t a frontline weapon, It’s a backline weapon. If you feel like that front line just vanished, better playback or switch weapons to become front line.

I mean its much better use for BTB than Arena as well. I happened to get a lot of kills when I’m not bringing it into the middle of short-range shootout. I do prefer the BR, but I have many times beaten a duel against one across map. Because my shorts were more consistent. Though, this is just me using it in quick play and BTB, I don’t really pick it up in ranked. Its my best tip for the Commando.

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