I feel the incentive...to win again

Yes, god forbid anyone posts a positive thread about Halo 4 and gets flamed for it. So much that my interest in Halo has come back, where it was lost with Reach, and with that statement, come the first week of November, my Reach will be traded in. I’ve been pondering the thought for a while now. But…enough with that rant.

Watching Bravo’s and ReadyUpLives videos, and listening to how much detail goes into these videos, plus reading the bulletin. It give me hope, more then I previously had, in Halo 4. I don’t know how, but I read completely past this and missed it.

> There will also be playlists available that do not utilize loadouts or armor mods.

This has me overjoyed, and why? I want Halo to be well Halo like some of you. But, I dont want a carbon copied, Halo 3, like MW3 did with MW2. For me being a Reach transformed competitive player, I want the classic playlists, I want a traditional Halo feel if I’m not comfortable with the new Halo feel, but…we had no confirmation of that until now. For some the news may get worse, and, I’m a die hard Halo fan, but I still want my Halo to be the one I know and love, do I agree with some of the new elements? Of course, not but will I give them a chance? Hell yeah! I don’t need to adapt to a new Halo game in order to have the “new Halo feel” I didn’t have to adapt to Reach. If anything Reach got me better at Halo 3…don’t ask me how, but it did.

The Specializations aren’t perks, nor are they a COD prestige sort of thing. Haven’t you always wanted to bet better at what you do in Halo? I was a big turret guy in Halo 3, and I had to strafe sideways just so that I could move faster. It’s a pain to move with the turrets in Reach even but thankfully, Bungie had it to where they don’t have to warm up just to shoot faster. I’m happy 343 is putting in a sort-of 1-50ish system, and when I reach it, to know I can go right into something that betters my playstyle is my cup of tea.

TL’DR: Unlike Reach, I’m filled with the incentive to want to win again, and actually play better then I did in Reach, I have new motivation to get to the higest level and actually feeling accomplished about me getting there. I felt it in Halo 3, I feel it again in Halo 4.

Anyone else have a thought or feel the way I do?