I feel that Spartans-IV are not Spartans

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They are not spartans, they are Orbital Dropp Super Shock Troopers for me, and i will tell you why.
I feel that Spartans-IV aren’t Spartans because they don’t transmite you that feeling of a killing machine that follows order at any cost as noble team showed to us. Noble team feels as a Spartan Team because they don’t want the things that a normal soldier would want, like Drink Beers, Women, -Yoink!-, Have a good time relaxing, smoke some cigarrettes, no, a Spartan just follow orders, they preffer to follow oders before saving a Friend. I am sure that if Carter had to sacrifice a soldier to complete a mission, he wouldn’t hesitate about it, yes, i know that he never lefts somebody, but i am talking about a situation where somebody has to die. I mean, the Spartans-IV are improved ODST because they want all the things that a normal human wants and hesitate too much the thing, so i feel that the Spartans lost all the things that for me made them Spartans. Spartans IV are arrogant, vulgars, as any soldier is. It is difficult to me to show you what i think, i hope that you understand me, because English is not my native language, so i can’t show you all my thoughts.