I feel like there is something to these ancient artifacts

I can’t help but feel like there is some sort of secret with these ancient artifacts scattered across the map.

There are seven of them representing each Halo ring, but what gets me is unlike other audio logs around the map, the artifacts reset when you start a new game allowing you to reactivate them.

I’m wondering if something happens if they are activated in a specific order similar to how we had to jump through the rings in Halo 3 for the hayabusa armor.

Anyone with better knowledge of Halo lore than myself have any ideas?

They’re just important to the story as a whole

You are better off in General Discussion.

Not trying to shut down your thread, I just know there are members of that part of the community that will have far better info for you.

Not sure if any of those people will see this post here.

Thanks for the tip! I don’t usually post on forums a whole lot so guess I’m a little out of the loop. I’ll try posting there :slight_smile:

Whoops…Halo Universe section of the forums. Sorry read the wrong tab that was open. I think there are a few threads about them already going.

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Is there a specific subreddit that just looks for hidden stuff like this?