I Feel Like The Kill/Assist System Is Dated Needs Work

So I’ve played Halo: Infinite’s multiplayer for the past week and while I am enjoying most of it, there are some pretty glaring issues for me. Obviously almost everyone has pointed out the elephant in the room being the progression system, but I honestly feel like the confirmed kill/kill assist system is extremely dated and quite annoying if I’m being totally honest. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve absolutely melted an enemy player only to have someone come and pop one torso shot and finish them leaving me with the infamous “assist” and 50 points, and I can’t count the amount of times it’s infuriated me to no end. Now, I’m aware that comparing games can be a touchy subject, but honestly I feel the only way I can paint this picture of resolution is draw a comparison to Battlefield 4. Now this isn’t to say that Battlefield 4 was a perfect game, because I think we can all agree like any other game it has it’s fair share of issues. However, one thing they absolutely did right is giving the kill to the friendly player who did the majority of the damage in a 2v1 exchange. For example, say I do 78 percent of the damage to the enemy, but someone comes and cleans it up for the remaining 22 percent. They receive an assist and 22 points, and I receive the kill and 78 points. Granted, I’m aware that Halo scores in increments of 10, but still, it can’t be denied that this system is dated and ultimately frustrating to the player. Clearly this is something that should be low on the list of fixes for this game, but I still think it’s very necessary to properly scoring and rewarding the player base, keeping things fair, and honestly keeping the standard that multiplayer games started setting almost a decade ago. If you agree with this post or have further insight or ideas to add, please rate and comment on this topic so it can reach the eyes of the developers. I truly think there is so much potential for this game, and I really want to see Halo back on top, but if it’s going to be there it needs to maintain modern standards and keep the player base in mind.

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I like this system. Imo they should keep it!

It just feels awesome if you get ton of kills, objectives and assists.


Just out of curiosity, what specifically do you like about it this system? I personally find it more frustrating than anything, but it’s hard to call this a purely objective problem with the game. Like I said, my subjective opinion is that it doesn’t do a good job of properly rewarding the player who does the majority of the damage to an enemy player, and many other games have tackled this dilemma quite well in the past. That’s not to say I have an issue with getting an assist, but getting an assist when I basically got the kill is quite annoying for me.

Also I should clarify that it’s particularly frustrating with the challenges that require you to get kills with specific weapons/vehicles and you get the, in my opinion, unfair assist that should actually be your kill.

I would love it if we moved to a system focussing more on damage.

Break it down into damage for and against… and damage that lead to a kill and that which was escaped.

It would tell you so much more about how you played… and how you are coming together as a team.

Plus you could easily deal out awards at the end of the game; MVP (most damage leading to a kill), the escape artist (most damage taken without dying), the fire starter (most initial damage leading to a kill), etc.

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