I feel like I've played this game longer

I like Halo 4. I find Halo 4 to be a fun game. I like the changes brought forth by 343 Industries, even keeping the old competitive scene from Halo 3 in mind. The changes still feel positive to me.

So something that struck me as weird is that, despite this enjoyment, I feel like I’ve played a bit too much Halo 4. Let me tell you about my trigger.

I was surfing the new Bungie.net (relaunched with the reveal of Destiny - go check it out) and I noticed that they still have legacy Halo stats there, housed in the exact same pages they’ve always been. For nostalgic purposes, I decided to check it out. I noticed something funny. Halo: Reach is my most-played Halo game. I already knew that.

But the stats really got me. I clocked five days, fifteen hours, and three minutes in the campaign. I clocked six days, eighteen hours, and twenty-two minutes in Competitive multiplayer. I clocked one day, twelve hours, and forty-four minutes in the Arena. I clocked three days, five hours, and thirty minutes in Firefight. In every mode, I clocked at least a day. Usually more. That’s my point.

I played Halo: Reach until my fingers bled. Unlike most of the core Halo fanbase, I recognized that trying to continue the tradition of playing it purely for competitive play was an exercise in futility, and I was able to change my motivations and enjoy it anyways. Across many modes.

And it did start to feel old towards the end of its life - around the time Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary launched, I stopped playing nearly as much.

Here’s what I find strange. In Halo 4, I’ve clocked one day and seven hours in War Games (online and Customs combined). I’ve clocked one day and three hours in Spartan Ops. And I’ve clocked about two days in the Campaign. That’s about four days, ten hours total. And I’ve already got little motivation to continue.

Don’t get me wrong. The point of this thread is not to say “Halo 4 is bad”. Like I said, I enjoy Halo 4. I just wanted to post about my realization that I’ve felt like I’ve been playing this game so much longer than I have. It’s really strange to me that I feel like I should already have many days in War Games, and I have just over one day. That I really have no motivation to replay Spartan Ops, even though in Halo: Reach I got hours of enjoyment out of just setting up shooting galleries in Firefight when I got bored.

I guess I really have no actual conceivable “OH!” point in posting this. I just wanted to share my perceived weariness, despite the enjoyment I get.

> even keeping the old competitive scene from Halo 3 in mind.
> > Good one.

> > even keeping the old competitive scene from Halo 3 in mind.
> Good one.


But thanks. I didn’t attain a 50 in Halo 3, but I got a huge measure of enjoyment from pulse-pounding, neck-and-neck matches that could have gone either way because both teams were playing exceptionally well. Halo 3 was my clan era. I drifted amongst three clans in my Halo 3 days. We would play other clans competitively, and had a lot of fun doing it. So when I say “old competitive scene”, I’m referring more to that than high-level ranked-50 play from Halo 3. But I did also get a good measure of enjoyment from the Ranked playlists in Halo 3.