I feel like cloud save of keybinds between steam and the xbox app should be a gimme 343 - and other first impressions

I was a little bemused to learn that my keybind for melee on steam was not the same on the app.

Aside from that…Solid work. I feel like XP progression has some mileage to make before hitting the sweet spot, and - in the context of missing what might be in campaign - I feel like unlocks should be a reward for everyone in the game instead of just battlepass owners.

At the risk of being cliche, while your cousins over at Bungie do numerous things wrong, I feel like the overall idea of progression and reward locks in their seasonal content is one that could be emulated quite well here.

And thank you for showing mercy on my propensity for motion sickness by toning down the judder when running. It is much noted and appreciated.